Hahn Group is taking a new business direction and is closing or redirecting all previous operations including this website. A new business development which has been seven years in the making will be commercially available soon - stay tuned!
We are temporarily bringing this site down until further notice. Thank you for your continued support for a cleaner environment.
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Allan Lear CEO Profile

Allan Lear CEO of Hahn Environmental, formerly Oz Future Fuels is recognized as a leader in many waste to energy technologies and has presented at numerous Environmental Conferences on Mine Waste Conversion, Marine Industry Hydrocarbon Waste Recovery and Coal Seam Gas industry full cycle waste management.

Allan’s background as a Mechanical Engineer lead to him developing a turbo manufacturing business and being contracted as a Field Supervisor on oil fields in India, Kuwait and the U.S. Allan’s interest in waste to energy technologies and the depletion of oil reserves has lead to the development of Hahn Environmental. The business is focused on renewable fuel development and recycling technologies as well as recovery, recycling and reuse of hydrocarbon waste streams derived from Coal Mines. The Surat Coal Seam Gas Industry is producing multiple waste streams such as oily water, brine and drillers mud that Hahn Environmental recovers, re processes and recycles using full cycle management practice. Allan has partnered with State and Federal Government Initiatives for technology development producing onsite mobile treatment plants and micro refineries.