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Allan Lear Guinness World Record Attempt - Coast to Birdsville in 1 Week

Allan Lear Breaks Guinness World Record!

After a gruellling 7 day journey, covering an immense 1629 kilometres, Allan Lear of Hahn Environmental Services has achieved his Guinness World Record Attempt of travelling the longest distance on an electric bicycle in 1 week.  The official distance set by Guinness was 1200 kilometres in 7 days, however Allan achieved 429 kilometres beyond this threshold to reach Birdsville in far western Queensland.   Arriving sore and very tired just after 4pm on 31 August, having endured days of dust, aching muscles, and very harsh conditions.  The boys will all look forward to a cold beer and a good pub meal at the Birdsville Hotel!

Follow Allan's entire journey on this page - including video diary blogs of the entire journey.

Allan Lear with his Electric Bike and Wind Generator Mini

Allan Lear, CEO and inventor extraordinaire is about to set off on a Guinness World Record Attempt, riding from the Sunshine Coast to Birdsville in 7 days - a massive distance of 1600 kilometres.

The official record is for the Longest Distance Travelled by Electric Bicycle in 1 Week, and needs to be at least 1200 kilometres as set by Guinness officials.  

Allan will be riding a commercially built electric bike.  Allan Lear reports the bike is programmed to ride at 200 watts and a swap and go battery bank will provide necessary power - he is hoping to get between 40 to 60 kilometres with pedal power.  The bike was chosen due to its great battery capacity.
The bike's batteries will be charged en-route through a turbine powered mini vehicle - which through wind power alone will provide enough energy to charge the batteries for Allan's bike.

Bookmark this page and watch the progress!  The attempt was scheduled to start Wednesday 24th August, but has been delayed 24 hours due to bad weather.....check back for updates.....

Meet the Hahn Enviro Guinness World Record Challenge Team (left to right) Allan, Damien, Simon, Gavin and binny who will join the team at dalby!

Allan  Damien  Simon  Gavin  Binny

All smiles before they go - no turning back now, it's Birdsville or Bust !

Allan Lear and team before they head off to Birdsville

It's 7.20am on Thursday 25th August, at Landsborough on the Sunshine Coast, and it's time to head off on the 1600 kilometre journey!   Wish them luck! 

 Allan Lear and team heading off - Birdsville or Bust

The launch of Allan's trek was covered by local TV networks, then picked up by ABC and CNN. See Seven and Nine tv coverage below, and you can check our MEDIA page for full details of the event coverage.

Seven Local News Coverage of the Event.   WIN News Coverage of the Event.

Making good progress during the trek.....follow the diary posts by Allan on the road during his journey....

In Good Spirits after the first 40 kilometres....   Arriving in Kilcoy - first quick stop....

After a gruelling range climb.....what a hill !   About 30k's to Dalby - Battery Change

Arriving in Dalby late Thursday.... pretty tired
  Heading off after stopping in at Dalby High School

Going well about 30k's outside of Dalby  Arriving in Chinchilla....quick stop

Arriving in Roma wet and tired Leaving Roma well rested Saturday AM.

Just about to leave Charleville Motel   Allan showing us his electric bike

Gavin talking about the Mini Battery Charging   Refuelling the Mini between Charleville and

Recharing the Bike Batteries nearing Quilpie   Arriving at Quilpie - the Quilpie Opal Shop

How the Wind Turbine Works  Team mate Binny talking CB Radios

Camping west of Quilpie on the roadside   Washing in the creek west of Quilpie

A hearty campside breakfast west of Quilpie   Protection from dirt and roadtrains!

Arriving in Windorah at the local hotel   At camp on the roadside beyond Betoota

Emergency tyre repairs nearing Birdsville   Arriving at the Birdsville Hotel !!!

 The Hahn Team hit the Birdsville Races
At Camp in Birdsville - setting the challenge!   The Hahn team hit the Birdsville Races

Follow our MEDIA COVERAGE at this link.