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About Cooking Oil and Industrial Cleaning - Trailer (Business Opportunity)

This exciting Mobile business opportunity provides you with a customised trailer and the tools to start your own business servicing restaurants by collecting their cooking oil and offering industrial cleaning with steam and hot water which enables two significant market opportunities. Training is provided by Hahn Group a multi award winning business with fifteen years experience as the largest biodiesel producer in Queensland. Hahn Group offers specialised equipment enabling efficient methods for effective Cooking Oil Collection and the safety management training assisting you to provide your mobile service.

Not only is this dual service mobile business simple to operate you will be supported by Saver6.com an online support network offering target marketing using real people to help attract customers in your local area.

As a business owner you may have the additional tax incentive advantage of up to $20,000 dollars on an acquired business asset. This new opportunity is helping many people looking at the opportunity to be their own boss as well as seeking greater freedom and a better lifestyle.

We want to attract business operators who seek out client work by acting on calls and taking up the interest generated by the saver6.com support team as well as canvassing potential work avenues themselves. The availability of cooking oil is increasing as more fast food outlets increase servicing customer needs for quick, reasonably priced food and the industrial mobile cleaning applications are enormous and can be extended to many industries.
Your background doesn't need to be industry specific because all aspects of training will be provided. If you desire good business relationships with your clients while providing a mobile oil collection and industrial cleaning service then you will have a growing business with trailing income built on being a self starter and supported along the way.