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Cooking oil Recycling

Community and Business Waste-to-Reuse Initiative

Hahn Energy Services collects, reprocesses and recycles used cooking oil, vegetable oil and fats as environmentally friendly biodiesel. We are specialist in waste resource recovery and recycling ensuring renewable cooking oils can be reused as a valuable energy source. We collect used cooking oils from restaurants, fast food chains, food takeaway shops, fish and chip shops, shopping centers and food manufactures.


Prompt, reliable pick up – weekly or fortnightly pick up service depending on used cooking oil volume.

Easy to Use Suck Equipment – Hahn Energy Services has manufactured an easy to use vacuum suck unit. Simply wheel the unit up to your fryer, place the hose tip into the fryer and vacuum out the oil in less than 1 minute. This unit will be pumped out by our waste collection truck on its scheduled run or swap over with a clean unit. Warm or cold oil can be sucked up with this new unit. Lifting of drums is eliminated, OH&S is enhanced and stock management is improved.

Hahn Energy is the largest biodiesel producer in Queensland producing large volumes of alternative fuel from recycled cooking oil. We have established networks of reuse programs throughout Australia ensuring our biodiesel is all reused reducing our nation’s reliance on fossil fuels. Our dedication to cooking oil recovery prevents this waste product potentially polluting our environment and wildlife!

We have purpose built collection trucks that meet EPA’s requirements for waste collection and our re-refining plants hold the necessary State and Federal licenses for alternative fuel production.

Are you a Business with Cooking Oil for Collection?

Join our Climate Friendly Waste-to-reuse Initiative Online and have your used cooking oil recycled!!

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Service Requirements

External Storage Bin (outside premises) 360L
Internal Storage Bin (inside premises) 360L
Vacumm Storage Unit 160L

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