Hahn Group is taking a new business direction and is closing or redirecting all previous operations including this website. A new business development which has been seven years in the making will be commercially available soon - stay tuned!
We are temporarily bringing this site down until further notice. Thank you for your continued support for a cleaner environment.
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Hahn Energy is committed to reducing our clients' greenhouse gas emissions through the supply of a range of renewable and sustainable biofuels. We supply large end users with a range of recycled products including Biodiesel, Bio Burner Fuel, Greenwaste Plus and Recycled Waste Hydrocarbon Oils.

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A report by the CSIRO on Greenhouse Gas Emissions has identified that replacing base diesel with biodiesel from used cooking oil, results in an 87 percent emission reduction. Additionally, the use of biodiesel reduces the particulate matter released into the atmosphere as a result of burning fuels, providing potential benefits to human health.