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Hahn Sets off for Guinness World Record Attempt - check the latest national coverage on this story....

Seven Local News Coverage - Sunshine Coast Friday 19/8/2011

WIN Local News Coverage - Friday 19/8/2011

ABC News Online 25/8/2011
ABC News Article Online 25 Aug 2011

CNN Online International 26/8/2011
CNN Article Online 26 Aug 2011

Sunshine Coast Daily Online 25/8/2011
Sunshine Coast Daily Article Online 25 Aug 2011

Toowoomba Chronicle 25/8/2011
Toowoomba Chronicle Article Online 25 Aug 2011

Today Survivalist Online 26/8/2011
Today Survivalist Online


Download PDF copies of news articles featuring Allan Lear and the Guinness World Record Attempt here:

Dalby News Dalby News (1568 KB)

dalby herald story dalby herald story (1576 KB)

dalby herald cartoon dalby herald cartoon (1435 KB)

glasshouse country news front page glasshouse country news front page (854 KB)

glasshouse country news story glasshouse country news story (520 KB)

Northern Times Northern Times (1967 KB)

range news front page range news front page (1690 KB)

range news story range news story (1760 KB)

Sunshine Coast Daily Article Sunshine Coast Daily Article (1871 KB)

western star news western star news (289 KB)


Listen to Allan Lear on ABC Radio National with Phil Smith:

abc radio national interview abc radio national interview (1831 KB)