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Hahn Water Services is an industry leader in oily water processing and recycling utilising cutting edge technology ensuring low energy consumption and environmentally sound practice. We provide our customers with innovative treatment and recycling solutions for oily waters, sludge processing, drillers mud and various saline water treatments. Also included in our services is our World First Technology innovations for the effective and proven accelerated flash evaporation of waste water and alike.


Our objective is to maximise reuse of water related waste streams ensuring full cycle management with minimal impact on the environment. Recycled waste streams are all reused in accordance to government regulations with reuse programs established throughout Australia.



CSG Water Services Brochure CSG Water Services Brochure (826 KB)



Hahn are focused on leading the Energy and Mining industries with emerging waste management technologies. Our technologies provide innovative solutions for the management of production, drilling and mining waste water streams which empower re-use, environmental compliance and cost saving practice.

The Flash Evaporation System is designed for reducing various water volumes within industries dealing with waste-water. Typically these will include, aggregation dams, leachate ponds, waste-water dams, brine and treated water dams, compression ponds, irrigation dams, decommissioning agricultural dams and evaporation pond management.

It’s quick, it’s mobile, it’s simple to use and it can be moved from pond to pond and easily transported. Hahn have also now just released a complete mobile Flash Evaporation Trailer. The trailer allows evaporation of water that is not stored in evaporation ponds. For instance the trailer can be connected to any fluid containment system such as silo's or tankers and can be pumped directly through the Flash Evaporation trailer system.        

A recent client saved more than $1,000,000 in waste water cartage and disposal fees.

To read more about our Flash Evaporation system please CLICK HERE to download our brochure.